Jim Taubenfeld Net Worth,Family,Bio In 2024

Jim Taubenfeld, an American businessman, currently serves as the President of Me Salve, Inc. This company operates in the Retail Industry, providing various retail products and services. Under Taubenfeld’s leadership, Me Salve, Inc. has likely developed strategies and operations to thrive in the competitive retail market, adapting to changing consumer needs and industry trends. In this article, we will learn about Jim Taubenfeld Net Worth 2024.

Jim Taubenfeld Wiki

NameJim Taubenfeld
Age59 Years
Date of birthDecember 24, 1965
Birth placePuerto Rico
CountryUnited States
Height5 Feet 9 inches
weight81 Kg
WifeMoira Shub
EducationDegree in Law
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Businessman

Jim Taubenfeld Net Worth 

Jim Taubenfeld net worth estimated of $5 million is a testament to his successful tenure at Me Salve, Inc., where he has significantly contributed to the company’s growth and stature in the retail industry. His leadership and strategic direction have been pivotal in driving the company’s success.

Taubenfeld’s earnings, primarily derived from his work at Me Salve, Inc., reflect his effectiveness in managing and growing the business. Being in a leadership role, especially in a dynamic sector like retail, requires a blend of vision, adaptability, and an understanding of market trends, all of which he seems to have utilized effectively.

Furthermore, Jim Taubenfeld’s commitment to social responsibility is evident in his philanthropic efforts. The contribution of over $600,000 to charitable causes in Puerto Rico highlights a dedication to giving back to the community, an aspect that is increasingly important in today’s corporate leadership. Such contributions not only benefit the recipients but also enhance the reputation and social standing of the company, aligning business success with social impact.

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Jim Taubenfeld Bio

Jim Taubenfeld’s extensive experience and expertise as an American entrepreneur in the retail sector are indeed remarkable. With over 35 years of executive leadership, he exemplifies the qualities of a seasoned and effective leader, skilled in driving growth and steering a company toward profitability.

In his current role as the President of Me Salve, Inc. in Puerto Rico, Taubenfeld’s responsibilities likely encompass a wide range of strategic and operational duties. His role would involve not just the day-to-day management of the company but also long-term strategic planning, ensuring the company’s continued prosperity in a competitive and ever-evolving market.

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Early Life

Born on December 24, 1965, in Puerto Rico, Jim Taubenfeld is now 58 years old, having celebrated his last birthday. His journey from Puerto Rico to Miami, Florida, in the United States, marks a significant chapter in his life, potentially influencing his professional and personal development.


Jim Taubenfeld’s educational background, particularly his time at the University of Miami School of Law where he obtained a Doctor of Law (JD) in Accounting and Business/Management between 1988 and 1991, is a notable aspect of his professional profile. This period of higher education would have provided him with a robust foundation in both legal and business principles, which are essential skills for a successful entrepreneur, especially in the retail sector.

Personal Life

Jim Taubenfeld’s personal life, as shared, includes his marriage to Moira Shub Taubenfeld since 1988. Their wedding, held in a beautiful setting in Miami, was a celebration with family and friends, marking the beginning of their life together.

The couple has three children: a son named Benny and two daughters, Diana Thomas and Lauren Tauby. The presence of a supportive family can be a significant aspect of a person’s life, especially for someone in a high-pressure role like Jim Taubenfeld’s. The balance between personal and professional life is often a key factor in an individual’s overall well-being and success.

Jim and Moira’s long-standing marriage and their family life may have provided him with a stable and supportive background, essential for anyone in a demanding career. This aspect of his life, while personal, contributes to understanding the holistic picture of Taubenfeld as not just a business leader but also as a family man.

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Jim Taubenfeld Career

Jim Taubenfeld’s career trajectory is quite interesting and diverse. Starting as a lawyer after graduating from the University of Miami School of Law and joining the Florida Bar, he soon pivoted to the real estate industry. His approach to real estate development was hands-on, focusing initially on converting houses. By buying old and damaged houses, renovating them, and then selling them, he built his expertise and reputation in the field. This experience laid the foundation for his later ventures into luxury real estate investments.

In addition to his real estate endeavors, Taubenfeld has also made a significant impact in the retail sector. As the president of Me Salve, an online clothing store catering to men, women, and children, he has been at the helm for three decades. This role highlights his versatility and ability to manage and grow businesses in different sectors successfully. His journey reflects a combination of legal expertise, real estate acumen, and retail management skills, making him a notable figure in these industries.

The Diverse Ventures of Jim Taubenfeld

Jim Taubenfeld’s career is a testament to his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit in the sports and retail industries. His significant contribution to Score Board, which achieved over $100 million in sales in 1994, marks him as a key figure in the industry. His involvement in the sports memorabilia sector, particularly through his participation in Don West’s nightly show on Home Network, further underscores his passion and knowledge in this niche.

Taubenfeld’s adaptability and business savvy, even amidst changes in partnerships, have ensured the uniqueness and high value of his sports collectibles. His collection stands out in the market, reflecting his deep understanding of both the sports and business worlds. This unique blend of interests and skills has not only propelled his career but also made his collection a notable point of interest for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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